A1 Factory Direct Flooring Brings You NovaFloor LVT

A1 Factory Direct Flooring Brings You NovaFloor LVT

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A1 Factory Direct Flooring Brings You NovaFloor LVT


With so many LVT flooring products on the market today, how do you know you’re selecting the right one for your home? With NovaFloor®, you’ll know. NovaFloor is made by Novalis®, one of the world’s first and largest specialists of LVT and known internationally for its luxurious design, uncompromising quality and care for the environment. NovaFloor flooring design reproduces the appearance and feel of nature with exacting faithfulness in every plank and tile.  

About The Makers Of NovaFloor Lyndon collection

Novalis® Innovative Flooring, maker of NovaFloor®, is a true international specialist in luxury vinyl flooring (or LVT as it’s more commonly known). Novalis began making luxury vinyl flooring in 1984, long before it became the overwhelmingly popular flooring type that it is now. Today, you’ll find luxury vinyl flooring made by Novalis in over 50 countries across six continents in a variety of award-winning commercial spaces and homes.

From the very beginning, Novalis has been committed to the idea that product quality and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand. Novalis led the way in luxury vinyl. Now it leads the industry in environmental stewardship. No other Asian maker of LVT has achieved this level of international certification and award for quality and care for the environment as Novalis.


Indoor air quality is especially important to Novalis and we know it’s important to you. Because the majority of our lives are spent indoors, controlling the off-gassing of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) into the air is a main concern for all of us. Indoor air pollution can be a problem for small children, the elderly and everyone with breathing issues, so we never want our our product to contribute to that in any way. That’s why all Novalis flooring is FloorScore® certified for strict compliance to indoor air quality standards and meets the strictest VOC standards in the world. With Novalis quality, we promise you’ll always breathe easy about the well being for your family.

Go ahead and makeover any room … from foyer to hallways, kitchens and baths, great rooms and dining rooms, dens and playrooms. NovaFloor can take it!Easy to install? With our NovaClicFd® system, you bet! We also offer glue-down and grouted styles, as well.


Novalis combines sophisticated printing and manufacturing techniques, along with high-definition photographic processes to create stunning imitations of wood, stone and marble surfaces for its NovaFloor® luxury vinyl flooring.

What’s more, NovaFloor® luxury vinyl flooring provides these practical benefits for the home:

  • Lower cost to own than the flooring materials it imitates
  • A wide variety of plank and tile sizes and installation options to choose from
  • Easy to maintain with just a damp mop
  • Water resistant, enabling installation in wet-prone areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens
  • Equipped with wear layers for added durability and UV fade resistance


Welcome to floors that are inspiring. Welcome to floors that look and feel luxurious.

Welcome to NovaFloor Luxury Vinyl Flooring by Novalis.

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