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    Architectural Remnants

    Armstrong Architectural Remnants laminate flooring achieves the authentic look of salvaged woods steeped in the rich history of classic American architecture. Inspired by reclaimed hardwood, the look of antiquated wood in a variety of color options sets this collection apart. These wood­look laminate floors feature a 12mm thick surface with a charming 47.83” inch length in widths that vary by style. Whatever the choice, each laminate floor plank is manufactured with the one­of­a­kind Lock&Fold installation technology.

    Styles offered in a 7.59” width include Armstrong Architecural Remnants Milk White, which boasts creamy elements that pair well with modern décor and rooms with natural light exposure. In terms of size, consider the 12” x 24” laminate floor planks with this exquisite shade for modern design effects. Any of the three styles look weathered and blend several different colors to achieve a rich finish with an antique look.

    Designers can choose from several widths of rugged laminate floors that withstand all levels of foot traffic with wood­ look aesthetics. Prefer narrow laminate planks? Three styles are offered in a width of 4.92”. Saw Mark Oak Gunstock/Butterscotch, Saw Mark Oak– Natural and Saw Mark Oak – Saddle/Mocha each invoke classic architectural colors and textures in shades from light to dark brown to suit your taste. Adding to the genuine look of this laminate floor’s surface are two styles offered in varying plank widths of 3”, 5” & 7”.

    Meanwhile, Armstrong Architectural Remnants Woodland Reclaim Old Original Dark has a greenish­-gray tone that features rustic elements that take decades to achieve in natural. In the 12′ width, you will enjoy a wood­ look laminate floor with engineered quality to endure all levels of foot traffic.

    Similar alternatives include Old Original Barn Gray and Worldly Hue. Both unite mixed texture & grain looks with a brilliant combination of colors to create the ultimate reclaimed look. The entire collection is backed by a 50 year residential and 10 year commercial warranty. Reclaim your interior design today.

    Ready to buy rustic laminate floors with realistic veining and patterns? Please call us for a square footage quote on Armstrong Architectural Remnants laminate flooring.

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    Armstrong Commercial Laminate

    Armstrong Premium Commercial laminate flooring offers a variety of elegant and classic options in a durable surface. With ten different styles in a range of wood appearances, you can find laminate floors that harmonize with your personal style. Let the elegance of these wood replicas fulfill your design needs, and be assured that you’re getting the best in quality, price, and durability.

    With realistic wood grains, mineral deposits, and visual texture, your laminate floor will give the impression that big bucks were spent for your home design—don’t worry, we can keep a secret! These wood look laminate floors are inspired by a variety of hardwoods, like maple, oak, walnut, cherry, and ash.

    Premium Commercial American Maple is one of the most popular choices, with its buff tones and simple, clean look that modern designers love for an avant­garde bareness.

    Exotic Olive Ash is a beautiful smoky gray with tones of olive that looks great with dark wood furniture and elegant, alabaster statues.

    This laminate floor’s surface is beautiful yet durable against the stains, scratches and moisture damage that plague other surfaces. A manufacturer’s warranty is further peace of mind your new laminate floor will stand the test of time for years to come. Meanwhile, contractors appreciate the float installation that keep installation on schedule and within budget.

    Looking for more flooring design ideas?For the ultra- trendy designers, Midnight Maple is a midnight blue tone that looks absolutely stunning against any design aesthetic. For a luxurious home, we recommend Ornamental Cherry, which looks great all year round in a family home; picture it beneath your Christmas tree, Easter egg baskets, and Thanksgiving dinner table. There are common benefits to the many choices in this lineup of wood look laminate floors. You can create separate design effects in different rooms with ease for a truly custom look. Please call us for square footage quotes and with product questions on Armstrong Premium Commercial laminate flooring

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    Coastal Living

    Armstrong Coastal Living laminate flooring is a one­-of­-a­-kind series inspired by ocean views and beach side bungalows. Available in five distinct styles, this collection of laminate floors gives a striking visual of the soft and rich tones associated with shore side living in a resilient surface that simulates the look of time­worn wood board.

    This series is a part of a hand­ sculpted collection, featuring a durable 12mm thick laminate plank ideal for heavy residential use and commercial projects. With a multi­layer construction, this laminate floor’s durable surface earned top scores for wearing, scratch, stain, and fading resistances according to recent Consumer Reports ratings. Treat your home like a beach and go barefoot on this comfortable laminate floor. See why this collection is an expression of shabby chic design philosophy that resonates with your décor.

    The White Washed series of these laminate floors has three color selections, from the neutral tones of Coastal Living White Washed Boardwalk, to the popular pink tinged chocolate tones of White Washed Walnut.

    Meanwhile, Coastal Living White Washed Campfire is a laminate floor with smoky black tones that look like painted wood boards and goes great with exotic décor; put it in the living room with dark wood or red wood furniture. Whatever the choice, you can rest easy knowing these wood look laminate planks are stain and scratch resistant with a manufacturer’s warranty to ensure lasting beauty.

    Each wood look laminate floor’s finish features a delicate faded look to duplicate woods of their namesakes. Sand Dollar Oak is a visually fine­ grained “wood” with bright tones ideal for a laid­ back surfer aesthetic, and Oyster Bay Pine take a slightly different visual with more solid but softer distressed concrete gray colors to give a true beach home look.

    For square footage quotes or product questions, please contact us to order Armstrong Coastal Living laminate flooring. We are happy to answer questions and suggest design ideas.

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    Armstrong Cumberland II, with its warm, vibrant tones, provides the perfect accent to your home décor, with a wide range of styles for design flexibility. These laminate floors recreate the look of hardwood flooring, with inspirations from oak, pine, cherry, maple, and jatoba trees. Create a French country design or an early American colonial style with the versatility of this collection. These floors come with a 20 year residential warranty, so you can be confident with the durability and resiliency of your laminate flooring. With realistic embossing and visual graining, you will be fooled into thinking you spent a pretty penny for real hardwood floors. Discover the aesthetics of the Cumberland II collection by Armstrong.

    Eight finishes in the Cumberland II Collection offer a variety of inspirations that allow for design independence with a variety of home furnishings. Heirloom Pine is a good laminate floor for designers who like vintage home décor; its knot holes and dark grains give fun character and a time-honored sophistication. Jatoba is a popular option, with its smooth grain and pink tones that look beautiful under any lighting, especially natural light. For designers that love country living, we recommend American Cherry, a classic wood that is represented with amazing clarity in the Cumberland II collection.

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    Grand Illusions

    Armstrong Grand Illusions laminate flooring is the pinnacle of luxury with striking design and lasting beauty. This lineup of wood look laminate floors offers the perfect blend of form and function for all design tastes. The award­ winning Master Works technology is apparent across the laminate floor’s surface and accurately reproduces the look and feel of natural hardwood.

    Why is HydraCore Plus technology so important to your laminate floor? This breakthrough protects against moisture damage and VisionGuard finishes provide powerful protection from abrasion and wear. As a one of a kind collection of wood look laminate floors; contractors appreciate the Lock&Fold edges which make installation a breeze. Easy install means added savings; homeowners can simply do the installation themselves and save a bundle on labor costs. Whatever your laminate floor’s color or size, you will enjoy a superior design backed by a manufacturer’s warranty that provides peace of mind for years to come.

    This roster of laminate floor planks accurately reproduces some of the most beloved hardwoods of all time. From the classic pale hues of Grand Illusion Canadian Maple that is ideal for neutral colored décor to the deep exotic tones of Cherry, there is a distinctive shade to match any décor.

    For instance, American Apple is a popular shade because its bold medium brown hues and undulating grain lines look beautiful in both modern and contemporary environments. Alternately, Heartwood Walnut showcases an intense variation between light and dark grain patterns.

    This shade is a fantastic choice for designers who want to make a bold statement. A new laminate floor can add the look and feel of natural wood at a fraction of the cost. With this collection, you can achieve hardwood aesthetics with fewer of the pitfalls. Our flooring design specialists are happy to suggest what model best matches your décor scheme.

    For a square footage and product questions on Armstrong Grand Illusions laminate flooring, please call us for start ­to ­finish support on your order.

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    Nature’s Gallery

    Armstrong laminate flooring caters to any contemporary, traditional, or modern decor by bringing organic realism of natural hardwood to every space of your home. With one of the highest quality laminate flooring in the industry, Armstrong offers superior durability, style, and affordability for both residential and commercial applications. These laminates not only present an easy-to-clean surface, but also feature a multi-layer composition resistant to dents, scratches, fading, and moisture. Its effortless maintenance and timeless classic style will leave you reveling in Armstrong laminate’s remarkably realistic appearance and texture for decades.

    Armstrong laminate is designed to create the illusion of authentic hardwood, providing the same great level of warmth and comfort.

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    Armstrong Rustics Premium laminate flooring mixes authentic hardwood details with engineered durability. These wood look laminate floors boast genuine swirls, intricate patterns and rich details that add luxury within your budget.

    Designers appreciate the selection that spans the color spectrum and features 4 plank sizes. This makes it simple to meet various tastes with just a single collection. As a result, your remodeling project will be more time and cost efficient.

    A laminate floor has many benefits compared to solid hardwoods. The surface is easy to clean and more resistant to stains or scratches. Armstrong uses HydraCore Plus Technology that guards against the moisture damage that can plague other surfaces. You will also enjoy less noise from creaking and buckling for a more relaxed setting.

    This collection has the added protection of MasterWorks technology that locks in the premium finish for years to come. Contractors keep projects on schedule with the Lock&Fold system, which provides a lasting fit for years to come.

    Twelve floor colors offer similar benefits of beauty and exquisite detail with unique design benefits. Rustics Premium Cayenne Acacia LO243 mimics an exotic species with warm brown tones. Fine details that show the effects of time and weather are seen in each 5 1⁄2” x 48” laminate plank. Wider planks put the lovely accents and random patterns on fully display.

    For a neutral alternative, turn to Rustics Premium New England Long Plank Boston Tea L6580. Much like the American Revolution, the 7 1⁄2” x 89” planks are steeped in time and show centuries of detail. The color easily matches will all shades of décor and fabric for worry free remodeling.

    A broader width also makes larger rooms appear more inviting, while opening up cramped spaces. The décor and natural light exposure will also affect the ambiance. Our team is happy to suggest design ideas that match your project.

    Please call us to order Armstrong Rustics Premium laminate flooring. We will arrange for fast shipping and quote square footage.

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    Stones & Ceramics

    Armstrong Nature’s Gallery Tile & Stone collection is a fantastic option for the home designer who loves the look of natural stone flooring but prefers simple upkeep at a reasonable price point. When you want the look of natural stone with the easy maintenance of laminate, the award-winning Armstrong Masterworks laminate technology realistically mimics the texture and color of brick and stone. HydroCore Technology means your flooring will reduce surface spills and moisture wicking, while The ArmaLock Laminate System provides a smooth, no-glue installation. With the stunning shades and realistic appearance, you can enjoy the sophistication of natural stone floors without breaking the bank. Give your home a little something extra, with the Nature’s Gallery Tile & Stone collection by Armstrong.

    This collection offers over 20 styles in exquisite tones and designs capable of meshing with any design aesthetic. Castilian Block Pizarra is a beautiful steel gray with traces of wispy white for lovely visual texture that looks great in the dining room for an aristocratic ambience. If you like the brighter lemon colors, Limestone Linen Sand looks great in the bathrooms or bedrooms, with its sunny yellow tones that brighten up any space. Our favorite is Porto Alegre Adobe, a stunning sage green with faint streaks of copper and dove gray, an ideal addition for the dining room.