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    Don’t Stop Believin

    Tuftex Carpet is a premier brand based in California that is renowned for highly innovative styles, quality and sustainable practices. As a division of Shaw, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, this collection infuses warmth, comfort, color, texture and high fashion in every product.

    Tuftex Carpet offers the patterns and colors that enhance all of your home or office spaces. You can choose from several strand styles to complement various décor schemes for a custom design effect. This makes it easy to enjoy the comfort, low cost and energy benefits that carpets offer in unique ways.

    Loop style carpeting is a popular flooring trend that is gaining traction in multiple design circles. This style features a curly appearance that adds allure and a feeling of warmth to rooms of all sizes, foot traffic or décor schemes. The rows of looped strands add depth and texture that welcomes guests into a room.