Republic Floors Frontier Collection

Republic Floors Frontier Collection



Republic Floors Frontier Collection

The Republic Frontier was an instant classic from the moment it appeared on the market because it is everything a laminate floor should be. It has the wood look you love, but with a resilience wood never had. It is also affordable, green, easy to install, and under a warranty that is unparalleled by any laminate maker in the industry. You deserve it.

Unlike any other floor – wood or laminate – Republic Floor Frontier Collection unique construction gives you Triple Moisture Protection which allows the floor to stand under water for 10 hours(!) without damage.

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Republic Floors Frontier Collection Laminate

Is it Wood or is it Laminate?

You can’t come any closer to a genuine wooden floor without cutting down a tree.

Republic Floor is a groundbreaking manufacturer of laminate floors. After 10 years of making and selling laminate floors, Republic was created specifically to elevate laminate floors to the class of genuine wood floors without the latter’s limitations.
By investing heavily into new technology and meticulous manufacturing methods, Republic Floors now offers floors that cannot be told apart from real parquet floors, while offering durability and affordability. Republic Floors offer guaranteed water resistance unequaled by any laminate OR wood floors anywhere, while being greener and ecologically safer. Gigantic distribution centers assure dealers of year-round stock availability throughout the Western United States.