For laminate flooring with lovely visuals and resilient composition, the Eligna Collection from QuickStep showcases the long, vertical grain patterns from popular hardwoods like cherry, walnut, maple, hickory, mahogany, pine and oak! This top quality laminate line features some of the most beautiful color selections available on the market today. Essentially, this collection fuses all of the beauty of natural hardwood with the improved durability and easy maintenance of a laminate. Additionally, the collection features the Quick Step-patented proprietary Uniclick locking system, making installation a breeze. With no messy glue or nailing, your installation experience is sure to be positively elementary. Make the switch, to the Eligna collection by QuickStepWith an industry-leading plethora of fourteen color options, this series definitely offers a hue to match any design palette. One of the most popular classic color choices includes Santos Mahogany, which captures the timeless rust browns and auburns of natural mahogany wood, perfect for the dining room or bedrooms. Though many of these hardwood lookalikes go great with traditional designs, don’t underestimate their modern capabilities, like White Brushed Pine, with its stark, pale, almost gossamer hue that goes well with the simple, geometric furnishings and solid, bright colors characteristic of contemporary design. The Dark Gray Varnished selection features a sleek and sophisticated take on a classic wood, ideal for avant-garde European designs, as well as more traditional, regal styles. For flooring that offers serious style, easy maintenance, and all at a great price, there’s no beating the superior laminates from the Eligna collection.
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