Quick­Step Laminate Reclaime exhibits the look of sun beaten wood fences, old barn doors, skip­sawn textures and time­worn surfaces in a single lineup. These wood look laminate floors offer visual charm through rugged emulations of vintage hardwood emulations. Each plank is chock full of rustic charm and chic flair to uplift your home décor with major style. On pace with the increasingly popular reclaimed hardwood trend, this five shade series replicated the fine intricacies of ornate oak grain patterns and knothole details.Additionally, the appeal of this stunning laminate is furthered by floorings other big trend, wide plank boards. This collection presents generously wide planks of 7 1⁄2” and 54” long for expansive allure and amplified details. Made in the USA, you will enjoy micro­beveled edges and ends topped by and chic matte finish. As laminate is known for its hulk­like strength, this collection also features the Uniclic system that allows for glueless installation that locks in a lasting fit for years to come.A convenient replication with immaculate details, these vintage reclaimed appearances bring undeniable sophistication to any space. A great addition to traditional or classic interiors, Reclaime seamlessly serves as an anchoring backdrop to make any home feel like a warm, cozy and comfortable retreat.Within the five available shades, Reclaime Heathered Oak is a lighter hue of that reveals the organic nature of oak. Hints of gray and black mix randomly to mimic the natural attributes of this classic species. This laminate floor’s color is ideal for living rooms or master bedrooms with rustic themes.

On the darker side of things, Reclaime Flint Oak offers a delicious shade of milk chocolate with a subtle gray haze for added time- worn charm. Your master bedroom, home office or living will achieve a luxurious allure with this shade. Beige fabrics and white drapes create a visually striking contrast for added appeal.

Whatever the choice, you will appreciate the wood look laminate surface that is easy to clean, improves indoor air quality and will last for years to come. Questions or ready for a quote Please call us to learn more about Quick­Step Laminate Reclaime.

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