Quick­Step Laminate Rustique boasts the vintage worn­in look of aged hardwood along with the durability and convenience of modern materials. This premium wood look laminate flooring line offers aged beauty immediately – no need to wait for generations of foot traffic! Backed by natural aesthetics that mimic popular species such as hickory and oak; the exclusive GenuEdge technology gives designers the confidence to install this lovely collection in all living spaces. Contractors tout the time and cost effective installation that keep remodeling projects within budget. You can expect a lasting fit and rugged surface that will is more resistant to stains, scratches or moisture when compared to solid hardwoods. Beauty with less pitfalls. These are the advantages of a laminate floor in comparison to other surfaces.The collection’s namesake sums up the color options – “rustic” is the common theme. Rustique Saffron Hickory is a light color with neutral shades that pair well with an array of design concepts. Consider this model for rooms that require a versatile approach, such as kitchens for entertaining and cooking. Living rooms and master bedrooms are also popular landing spots for this nature infused shade.A slightly darker alternative is Rustique Amber Hickory, which is chock full of honey­like hues that highlight the undulating grain. You can use light or dark to décor to create the desired level of design contrast.Meanwhile, Toasted Hickory is a rich medium brown with distinctively darker grain lines adding depth and character. Finally, Cognac Hickory has a lush caramel base and chocolaty grain tones. This rich combination is well suited for formal spaces, such as dining rooms, living rooms and front rooms that form a first impression on visitors.

What makes this lineup truly unique is how closely each shade resembles the natural nuances of aged wood. The premium quality laminate construction guarantees that this flooring line is built to last

Please call us for square footage quotes on Quick­Step Laminate Rustique. We will arrange for fast shipping and assist you from start to finish.

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