Shaw LifeGuard Carpet and the Science of Waterproof

Shaw LifeGuard Carpet and the Science of Waterproof

Have you ever worried about what all those spills are doing to your sub-floor? Or maybe you’ve cleaned the pet accident and the smell still lingers? Let’s face it, no matter how quickly you react, some of those spills and accidents are gong to end up soaking in to your sub-floor, causing lingering smells and potentially causing damage over time. Shaw Floors has the solution. After years of research and experimentation the experts at Shaw have introduced a waterproof carpet. Yes, we said waterproof! The true waterproof qualities are due to the LifeGuard backing that is applied to their carpet. This backing will not let spills through and with the added protection of their R2X Stain & Soil Resistance System, they’ve got you covered.

Our friends at Shaw have uncovered the story of a science teacher and his adorable little helper who have put their carpet to the ultimate test, conducting experiments in their living room. Watch this video and prepare to be amazed! And be prepared to smile because this little girls giggles are infectious! But seriously, this is a great video that speaks to the power of Shaw’s carpet made with LifeGuard backing.

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